Where is my home?

Artyom Sokirko's home location

Looking at the list of my trips, one can start wondering: Artyom's trips start from various places, sometimes one turns into the other and it looks like the journey never ends... Well, to certain extent it's true. However, if we choose to define "home" according to the IRS regulations as "a permanent dwelling... <..>", or simply speaking - cities where I used to rent apartments, it results in




September 1991 Moscow Russia
November 1992 Stockholm Sweden
January 1993 Valencia Spain
March 1993 Stockholm Sweden
August 1993 Oxford England
January 1994 Stockholm Sweden
August 1995 Peterborough Ontario
February 1996 Chicago Illinois
February 1998 Moscow Russia
December 2001 Alpine New Jersey
March 2002 München Germany
March 2014 Köln Germany
Now Darien Connecticut